Car Heater Not Blowing Air? - How to Fix No Heat in the Car - 1A Auto (2023)

Car Heater Not Blowing Air? - How to Fix No Heat in the Car - 1A Auto (1)

Fix the Issue of No Heat in the Car

You go towarm upyour car on a chilly morningonly to findthat your car heateris not blowing air, at all. Our mechanic explains what could be causingthat, and how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fixblowermotor andblowermotor resistor issues thatareprobablytoblame in this video:

Car Heater not Blowing Air? Blower Motor or Resistor?

Why is my car heater not blowing air?

There can be numerous reasons that your car heater is not working but if your car heater is not blowing air, at all,that could meanthere’san issue with yourblowermotor,blowermotor resistor, or your heater control switch.Your car’s heater not working is usually a symptom of one of those issues.

What can causea car’s heaterto stop blowing air?

A car heater that’s not working can be caused by the following issues:

  • Failing or blownblowermotor
  • Failing or blownblowermotor resistororblowermotor resistormodule
  • Bad or blownblowermotor fuse, connector, or wiring
  • Broken or failing heater control switch
  • Badorblownblowermotor resistororblowermotor resistormoduleconnector or wiring

How do I diagnose and fix a car heater not blowing air?

Check the fuse

Ifyou’vechecked your car’s heater controls and you find that nothing happens when you adjust them,you should check your fuse with a test light:

  • Look up where your fuseis located inyourowner’s manual so you can test both sides.
  • Make sure your test light is working, and that the other end is on the battery negative orground. Check the positive to confirmit’sworkingcorrectly (0:25).

How do you know if your fuse is working correctly? If you test it and the test light lights up, your fuse is good.You can also test a fuse by pulling it out to inspect it(0:48).

If your fuse is blown,whileyou’llneed to replace it, thatdoesn’tmeanthat’sthe only issue that caused your heat to stop working.It’smore likely that something else is causing it.

(Video) Heat Stopped Working In My Car! Blower Motor or Resistor?

Inspect yourblowermotor

Even if your fuse is working properly,you’llwant to check out yourblowermotor, which is usuallylocatedunderneath the dash on the passenger side.

Test yourblowermotor’sconnections

  • Disconnect theblowermotor connector.
  • With your key and heater switch both on,test the connector using a test light. Our mechanicshows you how to test the connector’s power and ground at1:28in the video above.

If yourblowermotor connector’s power and ground are working, that means everything in front of that connector is working, which narrows down the issue to theblowermotor itself, andyou’llneed to replace it.

Car Heater Not Blowing Air? - How to Fix No Heat in the Car - 1A Auto (2)

Test yourblowermotor resistor

If yourblowermotor connector’s power or groundaren’tworking,you’llneed to test theblowermotor resistor.

Theblowermotor resistor controls theblowermotor’s speed by restricting the electricity through either the ground or the positive side of the circuit.

In our featured video, the vehicle our mechanic works on has something a little different, which is ablowermotor resistormodule,andislocatednear theblowermotor.

Our mechanic explains each of themodule’s wires at2:23and shows you how to testthismodulewith a test light beginning at 2:53, and with a multimeter at 3:34.

Test your heater control switch

If the data on the multimeter shows that themodule’s voltage is changing as you adjust theheater control switch, that means your control switch is working correctly.

If yourblowermotor resistor or resistormoduleis working correctly, you can then test theblowermotor resistor or resistormodulecircuit using a test light (4:24).

(Video) How to Diagnose & Fix a Vehicle That Doesn't Have Heat

Watch the test light as you adjust the heater control switch. If the test light’s brightness changesas you adjust the switch, thatmeans the resistor or resistormoduleis working correctly.

If youdon’tsee this variation in brightness in your test light, that means the resistor or resistormoduleisn’tworking correctly,andcan’tvary the speed of theblowermotor.In that case, there could be an issue with the resistor ormodulewiring, the control switch itself, or even with a relay.

Should I replace theblowermotor and theblowermotor resistor at the same time?

In one of these situations, you may need to replace either the blower motor or the blower motor resistor/resistormodule, or you may need to replace both.

If theblowermotorisn’tworking correctly, that strains the resistor, which makes the resistor heat up,and typically leads to the resistor burning out before theblowermotor fails.In this case,it’sbest to replace both the resistor and theblowermotor at the same time to prevent theblowermotor fromfailing after you replace the bad resistor.

Generally, it’salwaysagoodideatoreplaceboththeblowermotorandthe
blowermotor resistor together, even if you think only one of those parts has failed.

How to replace a Blower Motor Resistor

How to replace a Blower Motor

(Video) Car or Truck Heater Blowing Cold Air? Top 3 Common Causes for Lack of Heat!

Tools we used to diagnose a car heater not blowing air:

Need to replace any parts mentioned? Shop now:

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