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Group Discussion or GD is one of the common screening rounds in the interview process. Basically, in the GD, a discussion will happen among the members on any latest group discussion topics. There are endless GD topics available on various subjects. Right now, are you searching for the best group discussion topic ideas for the interview? No worries! Here, we have prepared a list of interesting GD topics on different themes. Continue reading this blog post and get outstanding GD ideas for interviews and speaking assignments.

Before looking into the list of GD ideas, first, let us have a clear understanding of what a group discussion means.

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What is a Group Discussion?

It is a screening technique the HRs or members from the admission panel use to assess the ability of a candidate. The group discussion is a quick and efficient interview method that helps to identify a skilled person for a job or college admissions. Generally, business organizations, educational institutes especially B-schools conduct GD. It is a group activity and its main purpose is to test the skills and personality of a candidate on a comparative basis.

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If you are a moderator, then this is how you should host a group discussion.

  1. First, create a group or team with 8 to 10 members and ask them to sit in the form of a circle.
  2. Disclose an interesting group discussion topic to the team.
  3. Give a preparation time of around 10 minutes to the entire team.
  4. After the end of preparation time, start the discussion and moderate it.

Usually, the GD will happen for at least 15 to 40 minutes. At the time of discussion, the participants will have to actively share their viewpoints on the given topic. The HR managers or a panel of judges will observe the discussion and will evaluate the ability of every candidate. Especially, during evaluation, they will look at the behavior, skills, viewpoints and overall participation of the candidate as a team member.

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Some popular skills and qualities that will be noted during the group discussion round are

  • Communication skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Time management.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Analytical abilities.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Social Behavior.
  • Attitude and confidence.
  • Abilityto accept the opinions of other members of the group.

List of Top Group Discussion Topics

In a GD round, basically, the candidates will have to present their opinions about any given topic. For a group discussion, mainly,all we need is a good GD topic. There are unlimited group discussion topics available on different subjects such as business, sports, politics, etc. When conducting a GD, as a moderator, give preference to the latest topics that have a wide scope of discussion.

Generally, for conducting a group discussion, you can choose any type of group discussion topic depending upon your need. The GD topics commonly focus on current issues, controversies, facts, case studies, abstract and short stories.

To help you out, here we have listed some unique group discussion topic ideas on various categories. Go through the complete list of ideas and choose the best topic of your choice.

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Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs

  1. The effect of COVID 19 on the global economy.
  2. How can we prevent the next pandemic?
  3. Is the vaccine worth preventing the population from COIVD-19?
  4. How did Israel overcome the COVID situation under control?
  5. The rise of the Gig economy.
  6. The effect of COVID – 19 on education sector.
  7. What role do social media play in international politics?
  8. Discuss the Syrian crisis.
  9. Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology.
  10. Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Trending Group Discussion Topics

  1. Can the ‘Death penalty’ reduce child rapes?
  2. Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons.
  3. The effect of Donald Trump’s presidency on the world.
  4. How to end the threat of nuclear war?
  5. Ban on Chinese Apps in India.
  6. WikiLeaks-a bane or a boon.
  7. Discuss the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
  8. Relevance of WTO in today’s global scenario.
  9. Is it good to depend on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
  11. Hong Kong Protests: Rebel against China or pro-democracy fight?
  12. Is a borderless world practically impossible?
  13. US-China Trade Talks: A political drama or renegotiation of rules of the game?
  14. How does the economic slowdown of China has an influence on India?
  15. What are the influences of 5G on the worldwide economy?
  16. What are the influences of the Russian-Ukraine war?
  17. How to improve the standard of sports in India?

Group Discussion Topics on Case Studies

  1. How to make money with recycling.
  2. Talk about the decreasing productivity of the Japanese Workforce.
  3. Propose a business model to target health-conscious customers.
  4. Talk about the White Revolution in India.
  5. Why should we have the least wage?
  6. Talk about the leadership changes needed in your community organization.
  7. How to overcome the coal crisis in India?
  8. Should everybody check his or herself for burnout signs?
  9. How to safeguard the right of free speech privacy on the internet through technology?
  10. Discuss the causes of violence and bullying in schools.
  11. The challenges of remote education in rural locations in the USA.
  12. The teaching methods of Montessori schools.
  13. How to motivate children with learning disabilities?
  14. Pros and Cons of AI-based systems in education.

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Controversial Group Discussion Topics

  1. Is it ethical to use animals for medical research?
  2. The use of steroids in sports.
  3. Legalization of cloning.
  4. Reducing the drinking age.
  5. Is war the best option to solve international disputes?
  6. Gay marriages.
  7. Should military service be made obligatory at 18 years of age?
  8. Single-sex schools are not worthy.
  9. Marijuana has a medical value.
  10. What is wrong with child labor?
  11. Should beauty peagants be banned?
  12. Is technology increases the unemployment rates?

GD Topics on Facts

  1. Are public schools safe?
  2. Should gambling be allowed from the age of sixteen?
  3. International trade barriers work.
  4. The U.N. is based on diplomacy and improving relationships.
  5. It is important to hold value in what you argue.
  6. Why drinking and driving are dangerous to yourself and others?
  7. The economic boycott causes most of the problems in Cuba.
  8. Software should be free for everyone.
  9. The advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card.
  10. Passive smoking is harmful.

Abstract Topics for Group Discussion

  1. Facebook should update policies on content removal.
  2. Soft skills matter more than technical skills.
  3. Hippocratic Oath – ethical medical professional behavior in modern times.
  4. Global warming could do more than melting polar ice.
  5. Political Correctness – when does this policy cross a line?
  6. Compare hard work and smart work.
  7. Computer Viruses – recent attacks and removal strategies.
  8. Should polythene bags be completely banned?
  9. Has employee work-life balance reached a critical point?
  10. Talk about the Nostradamus Code.
  11. Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
  12. Thoughts on #MeToo Campaign.
  13. The first impression is the last impression.
  14. What is necessary- hard work or smart work?

Group Discussion Topics for MBA admissions

  1. The future of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Good things come from good thinking.
  3. Is it possible to maintain Work-life Balance?
  4. Challenges to the Indian Banking sector.
  5. Talk about the crimes that happen against women in the world.
  6. Borderless world – a myth/reality
  7. What if Bitcoin crashes to zero?
  8. Gender Equality in the workplace.
  9. Should people invest in cryptocurrency?
  10. The effect of social media on humans and society.

GD Topics on Management

  1. Is management art or science?
  2. Is patience important in Business and Management?
  3. Unethical practices lead to success in business.
  4. Do women make good managers?
  5. Should the rich and wealthy in a country be taxed more?
  6. How professional are the professional companies today?
  7. Discuss the relevance of family-run business
  8. Who are needed more – job creators or job seekers?
  9. Is theoretical knowledge enough for managers today?
  10. Business ethics in today’s market and future.

GD Topics on Social Issues

  1. Anemia affects urban society.
  2. Communalism and its effect on social cohesion.
  3. Lessons for the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Discuss the causes of poverty.
  5. Girl infanticide and sex determination are crimes.
  6. The effect of the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives.
  7. Are we becoming too sensitive in society?
  8. The crime rate increases because of unemployment.
  9. Drug abuse is rampant among teenagers.
  10. Is women empowerment the solution to violence against women?

Group Discussion Topics on Business and Economy

  1. Globalization is an opportunity or a threat?
  2. Public Sector being a guarantor of job security is a myth.
  3. Is India ready for a cashless economy?
  4. Tal about the contribution of Indian IT industry to the US economy.
  5. Markets are found not created.
  6. Physical infrastructure is the answer to social equality.
  7. Beurocracy is a hindrance to economic reforms in India.
  8. Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  9. E-commerce discounts are harmful in long run?
  10. Circular economy is the key to sustainable development.
  11. Discuss moonlighting.
  12. Share your views on YONO.
  13. Discuss the importance of an MBA in a successful business.

Group Discussion Topics on Technology

  1. Will AI change the future?
  2. Will automation reduce or increase jobs?
  3. Zero Budget Natural Farming.
  4. Can Artificial intelligence replace Human intelligence?
  5. Discuss the benefits and challenges of Data Localization.
  6. Pervasive technology is creating a generation of cyber zombies.
  7. Will the IT industry create more jobs in the future?
  8. The effect of technology on jobs.
  9. How can we use technology to tackle financial crimes?
  10. Big Data and Information Privacy.

GD Topics on Education

  1. How safe are our kids in schools?
  2. Pros and cons of E-learning.
  3. Which one is more important – Creativity or Knowledge?
  4. Does dress code matter a lot at educational institutions?
  5. The intervention of government in the education system.
  6. Should the practice of Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  7. Should schoolchildren be allowed to use mobile phones?
  8. Higher Education in the USA.
  9. Should ‘Group Discussion’ be compulsory in the hiring process?
  10. Is compulsory attendance needed in schools and colleges?

GD Topics on Environment and Agriculture

  1. How to manage disasters?
  2. The effect of Coronavirus on the Environment.
  3. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development.
  4. Can Aqua farming help the Indian Economy?
  5. Advanced food processing technologies.
  6. The effect of Global Warming on Agriculture.
  7. Is smart farming the future of agriculture?
  8. Wildlife Corridors: Luxury or need?
  9. Is automation in farming good?
  10. Collective farming is a boon or bane?
  11. How to control air pollution levels.
  12. The effect of climate on the farming system and food supply.
  13. Talk about Conventional and Organic Farming.
  14. Genetic engineering in agriculture: good or bad?
  15. Discuss the operatives relevant in today’s environment.
  16. Plastic ban: Economy versus Environment.
  17. Will agroforestry destroy the environment?
  18. Natural versus Factory Farming.
  19. Is climate change for real?
  20. Discuss the role of women in agriculture.

Group Discussion Topics:

  1. City curfews aid in deterring adolescent delinquency and safeguarding children from abuse.
  2. The U.N. is mostly built on building relationships and using diplomacy.
  3. People are attracted to employment by affirmative action who had never considered it before.
  4. The quest for a soul partner has nothing to do with online dating talks.
  5. Malpractice Insurance – To protest the increasing price of malpractice insurance, doctors take unpaid leave. What are the options?
  6. Work ethics: Is it possible to develop employees who feel a responsibility to the organization and the community?
  7. What technologies offer the best protection for the right to free expression in private on the internet?
  8. Minimum Wage: Should there be one? If not, why not?
  9. Should everyone perform a self-check for indicators of burnout? How?
  10. Why it’s risky to drive after drinking for both you and other people.

Final Thoughts

If you are playing the role of a moderator in a group discussion, then don’t hesitate to use the group discussion topics suggested in the blog post. In case, you are a participant, learn how to clear the GD round in an interview. In the whole selection process, usually more weightage of marks will be given to the group discussion round. So, prepare to perform on any GD topics that your moderator assigns you. Your opinions alone will not help you succeed. When participating in a GD, along with your opinions remember to give a high level of importance to your soft skills, behavior, and body language.


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