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It’s customary to send thank you notes to guests after weddings, funerals, and other occasions. Doing so is much easier when you have all their contact information in one handy resource.

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  • 'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Wedding Shower
  • 'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Birthday Party

That’s why guestbooks exist. They provide guests with a single place to leave all their contact info, as well as any messages they might want to share in some instances.

That said, a guestbook is only helpful if people actually sign it. Sometimes people overlook guestbooks at these events.

Luckily, you can prevent this in many ways. Along with making sure your guestbook is on display in a hard-to-miss spot, you can also choose alternatives to the traditional “please sign our guestbook” wording.

Consider these examples. The following “please sign our guestbook” messages may be ideal for a range of occasions!

'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Wedding

It’s easy to overlook a guestbook at a wedding because weddings are often busy events. Make sure your wedding guestbook stands out with one of these messages!

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1. “Share your wisdom!”

Marriage can be a wonderful adventure. It should be!

That said, a successful marriage also takes work. Both members need to put forth an effort to keep their love alive.

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With that in mind, you might want to ask people signing your guestbook to leave any advice they may have. Odds are, many would be happy to share their wisdom.

2. “Love is…”

This is a unique idea that may elicit funny, touching, and insightful responses.

On each page of your guestbook, in the space where someone would provide their name and contact information, you can also have a space that reads “Love is…,” followed by a blank space.

Here, guests can write their own definitions of love. Of course, your guestbook should also have a corresponding “Tell us what love is to you” sign so attendees notice it.

3. “Wish us well!”

This alternative to “please sign our guestbook” can increase the odds of everyone in attendance to sign your guestbook if they feel it will wish you and your spouse the best of luck as you embark on a new journey together.

This wording will also encourage wedding guests to leave encouraging messages you may enjoy reading later!

Tip: If you want people to leave messages instead of merely leaving their names and contact information, but you’re not sure they’ll understand this is your intention, you can ask your groomsmen and/or members of the bridal party to do so first. Guests will be more likely to realize they can write freely if they see others have already done so.

'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Funeral or Celebration of Life

You might want funeral guestbook wording ideas to ensure that you have attendees’ contact information.

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4. “Sign our guestbook and share a memory”

A funeral or memorial service guestbook doesn’t need to just function as a resource you can use later when you’re sending thank you cards and notes. It can also give funeral guests the opportunity to share stories about their memories of the deceased.

5. Prompt with a pop-up

This idea isn’t technically a “please sign our guestbook” message. It’s also not restricted to funerals. It’s one that can theoretically work for many different occasions.

Online guestbooks have become increasingly popular for various reasons. For example, if you have a large family with members spread out across the world, some might not be able to attend a loved one’s funeral. You can make a memorial website where those who can’t attend can still pay their respects digitally. Websites providing information about weddings are also becoming increasingly common.

If you do use an online guestbook, you may be able to prompt visitors to sign it with a pop-up message similar to the kind that might, for example, prompt you to follow a brand’s online newsletter when you visit their site. This limits the chances of any website visitors overlooking the digital guestbook.

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6. “Thank you so much for being here. Please accept this gift and sign our guestbook.”

Are you planning on giving funeral favors to guests? Consider including a “please sign our guestbook” request. As with the above example, you could modify this idea for a number of occasions.

'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Baby Shower

A baby shower celebrates the start of a very new phase of your life. Make sure you have the chance to send notes letting attendees know how meaningful it was that they shared in this celebration with one of these “please sign our guestbook” ideas.

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7. Questionnaire

This is another “please sign our guestbook” idea that’s more than simply a wording option. To make signing your guestbook more appealing to baby shower attendees, turn it into a questionnaire. You can ask questions such as “What qualities do you think the baby will take from each parent?” or “Do you think our baby will be a girl or a boy?”

8. “Leave a note for the baby!”

As with many of these ideas, this “please sign our guestbook” wording option will encourage more guests to sign by also prompting them to leave some type of special message. In this case, the message would be something sweet to say to the upcoming arrival.

(Of course, the baby won’t be able to read these messages right away, but they can appreciate them when they are older! Also, if you use any of these ideas that involve asking guests to leave messages, you might want to include additional wording letting them know they’re still signing a traditional guestbook and should thus leave their contact information as well.)

'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Wedding Shower

Signing a guestbook at a wedding shower isn’t just a formality. It can also be a small but fun activity for guests to participate in. Consider these ideas!

9. “Sign my heart?”

This is another example that may not technically qualify as a message, but more of a unique idea to attract guestbook signatures.

A “guestbook” doesn’t need to actually be a book. For example, it could be a box or glass frame. Place paper hearts next to the box for guests to leave their names and contact information. You should also include instructions asking them to drop the hearts into the box or frame once they’ve signed them. People are more likely to notice your wedding shower guestbook if its design is unique.

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10. “Any honeymoon recommendations?”

Not everyone goes on a honeymoon immediately after getting married. You may choose to put off this trip for various reasons.

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If this is the case, you might also not be entirely sure where you plan on going just yet. Get more people to sign your guestbook by asking for their recommendations!

11. “Wedding day advice would be nice!”

Are many of your wedding shower guests already married? If so, you can remind them to sign your guestbook by also using it to solicit wedding day advice.

Their tips may even be helpful in very practical ways. A wedding may be a joyous occasion, but for natural reasons, it can also be stressful. Seeking advice from those who’ve already been through the experience just might help you make the most of the day.

'Please Sign Our Guestbook' Ideas for a Birthday Party

The experience of friends and family joining us to celebrate our special day is one many cherish. If you want to be certain you’ll have the contact info you need to send thank you notes after a birthday party, use one of these ideas.

12. “All I want for my birthday is your favorite memory of me.”

Reading family stories and anecdotes from friends about their favorite memories of you can be a much more rewarding birthday gift than any physical item. Asking guests to leave such stories can also be a way of asking them to sign your guestbook.

13. “What’s your favorite drink or cocktail recipe recommendation?”

This idea may not appeal to everyone. However, for some celebrating a legal drinking age birthday, asking guests to recommend their favorite drinks could be a unique way to attract more guestbook signatures.

You could also modify this idea for other such birthdays. For example, when a person finally becomes a legal adult, they have a range of new freedoms. Some are obvious and well-known, but others may be less so. Thus, if you’re celebrating such a birthday, you could ask attendees to sign your guestbook and leave their unique tips for enjoying the new freedoms (and responsibilities!) of adulthood.

Please Sign Our Guestbook Messages: Ideas To Consider

Hopefully, you found these ideas useful. Just keep in mind that you can always put your own spin on these ideas!



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